Cori Koskela
Human Resources Consultant
Milwaukee, WI

Elevating Business Performance with Premier HR Consulting Services


Cori Koskela is a seasoned Human Resources (HR) professional, known for her exceptional service to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With comprehensive expertise in all facets of HR, including employee relations, compensation, organizational planning, benefits administration, performance management, leadership development, recruitment, and payroll compliance, Cori delivers holistic HR solutions tailored to the unique needs of each organization.

Throughout her career, Cori has successfully executed a wide array of HR initiatives, from conducting thorough compliance audits and developing compensation programs, including salary ranges and commission/bonus schemes, to crafting comprehensive handbooks and policy guidelines, as well as implementing effective performance management systems.

Cori holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management, complemented by a minor in Conflict Resolution from North Central College, IL. Further solidifying her expertise, she has earned the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SHRM-SCP) certification from SHRM, and the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification from HR Certification Institute (HRCI). Cori's diverse experience spans across various states, including Illinois, Wisconsin, California, and Texas, among others.

Before embracing the entrepreneurial path, Cori honed her skills in various roles, notably as a Senior Human Resources Consultant for an Illinois-based consulting firm and as an HR Director for a rapidly expanding company where she managed a team. Although she has experience in large corporations, Cori's passion lies in partnering with SMEs, leading her to establish her own consulting business in 2022.

Outside of her professional life, Cori is an avid fitness enthusiast with a particular fondness for yoga, often dedicating her time to teaching when she's not consulting. Driven by a desire to support others, Cori commits to delivering unparalleled service to every client, consistently going above and beyond to meet their needs.

Services Offered
Employee Relations & Performance Management
Navigate termination procedures with comprehensive documentation support.
Guide disciplinary actions, from written warnings to performance improvement plans.
Create performance management programs with core value focus and efficient tracking systems.
Develop executive level performance management and feedback systems.

Talent Acquisition & Onboarding
Streamline recruitment with effective screening and interviewing techniques.
Craft competitive hiring strategies, including insightful interview questions and assessment tools.
Craft compelling offer letters to complete compensation packages.
Design and implement personalized onboarding programs to ensure a smooth transition for new employees.
Enhance hiring and onboarding with tailored strategies, from screening to welcoming new hires with bespoke onboarding plans.

Compensation & Benefits Strategy
Develop salary ranges aligned with your company’s culture and objectives.
Design sales commission and bonus programs, including system development and agreement facilitation.
Benchmark and set compensation using market data and strategic calculations.
Design benefit packages based on company resources and competition needs.

HR Technology & Payroll
Assist with payroll and human resources system selection.
Ensure a smooth transition to a new payroll or human resources system.
Optimize payroll processes through automation and streamlined operations.
Offer expert advice on payroll compliance issues.
Specialized support for unique payroll processing needs.

Policy & Compliance
Update and/or create company handbooks and policies.
Conduct full HR practice audits for both compliance and enhancement.
Review compensation for compliance with overtime and salary exempt laws.

Training & Development
Deliver targeted training sessions, including sexual and anti-harassment, to foster a respectful work environment.
Equip HR personnel with comprehensive training across various HR disciplines.
Provide management training focused on performance enhancement and leadership skills.

Organizational Strategy & Development
Discuss strategic organizational setup or changes, along with communication plans and rollout.
Review current turnover metrics and strategize methods and plans for improvement.
Support long term organizational goals and provide human resources strategies to achieve those goals.


We prioritize price transparency, ensuring our clients have clear insights into our billing practices. Our rates are readily available on our website, allowing prospective clients to evaluate if our pricing model aligns with their financial considerations. Simplifying our billing approach, we charge on an hourly basis for all services rendered, inclusive of all communication efforts such as phone calls, emails, and text messages.

To maintain transparency, detailed invoices are prepared, documenting all billable hours, and issued semi-monthly for client payment. While we strive to maintain stable rates, occasional adjustments may occur. Rest assured, any changes to our rates will be communicated in advance, ensuring our clients are fully informed. Currently, our service is billed at $135 per hour.

For traveling to a client's location, a mileage charge applies. This fee is calculated based on the current IRS mileage rate, multiplied by the total distance traveled to and from the client's workplace. It's important to note that travel time is not billed unless productive work is conducted during the journey. Moreover, each on-site visit incurs a minimum billing of one hour.

We value the opportunity to discuss how our services can meet your needs. As such, initial consultations to explore our offerings are provided complimentary, affirming our commitment to accessibility and client satisfaction.

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